I’M BACK + The King in Love UPDATE

I’M BACK + The King in Love UPDATE

Hi chingu-duls, I’m really sorry for updating you just today. I was quite busy in finding job as well as processing important documents. Hope you understand chingu-duls.

Chingu-duls, update on episodes 5 and 6 for The King in Love. I can really say that the transition of the story is really, really smooth. I never expected that after a happy scene there’ll be another conflict and everything. I was so taken aback about Eun San’s fighting scene with Wang Rin. In the episode Wang Won’s identity was almost revealed in front of Eun San because of Wang Rin’s sister. Wang Rin’s brother is the villain in here guys. Hmm, maybe HAHAHAHA. But yeah, I can really sense he is. He wanted to be the crown prince of Goryeo. As what I understand Wang Won was a half-breed, not a whole blood Goryeo prince but he is a half Goryeo and a half Yuan that’s why the people of Goryeo doesn’t like him.

Every character of the story has it’s own story line. You guys, should watch it. I really recommend this for you guys.



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