Hello, I’m back. Sorry for the long wait.

Hello, I’m back. Sorry for the long wait.

Sorry guys if it took me so long to post again. I think I’m neglecting my work as a so-called “blogger”. I had a busy week and can’t contain my excitement for Girls’ Generation 10th anniversary album. I was quite busy because I need to do some things for the sake of my future.

I also did binge-watch some kdramas to decided whether to watch it first or not. I did have quite a long list for the dramas that I need to review and to watch as well.

For the meantime, I’ve been watching “The King in Love” since my bae is there, Yoona. And for the week I finished watching “My Sassy Girl 2017” it was the newest Sassy Girl.

I still have some pending drama to watch as well as to review and here’s a sneak peek to my list:

Man to Man
My Sassy Girl 
Hit The Top
School 2017
The King Loves – currently watching
Reunited World
School 2017
Bride of Haebak
Love’s Temperature

I have in my list a Chinese Drama which is trending on my #IG
My Adorable Husband,


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